First Step:

After your initial enquiry about one of Dogs / Puppies cared for by the Stray Haven Dog Rescue Shelter, you will be sent a form to complete. This will cover information about you the (Adopter) and your family, your home environment and how you would look after the Rescue Dog / Puppy. Following the completion of the Adoption form we would then arrange a home check.

Once a Home Check has been complete and we are satisfied with the result we will then start the full Adoption process.

Adoption Process:

Dogs can be flown to many major airports. The flight costs are approximated and will depend on whether we can arrange a group of dogs flying on the same flight to reduce the cost of individual flights. This process may take a few weeks or few months depending on the Adoption demand before you can welcome the new member of your family. Please note that adopting a puppy will not be possible for the first 16 weeks and then a further 21 days before a Rabies Jab can be administered, If you are a resident outside of Cyprus the following breakdown of encored Costs & Fees is as follows:

Pet Pass Port:           All travelling Pets by law have to have a (Pet Pass Port) within this booklet it will contain the following information – Pet Personal details, date of Rabies Jab, Micro Chip Information and registration, Neutering date, Pre-flight Health check information. Additional costs will be encored if any anomalies are found in the Health check by additional blood test.

Pet Neutering:          All rescue pets are neutered before being re homed as part of the charities policy all Neutering information can be found in the (Pet Pass Port)

Traces:                      A consignment of live animals or animal products can only enter into the EU, if it has satisfactory undergone the specific checks and a common Veterinary entry Document (CVFD) is issued from Traces (Trade Control and Export System) Traces is a centralised database which allows the monitoring of consignments of live animals and animal products checked at the source.

Flights:                    All flights have to be paid in full at the time the flight is being booked.

Transfer:                  Transportation of your new family member from Stray Haven Rescue Shelter to one of two Cyprus Airports.

Crete Hire:                A Deposit is required for the hiring of one of our transport crates. Costs are reflective on size and weight of pet. The reason for this is these crates are expensive and some adoptees for get to return them to us, which could affect future adoptions overseas. Should you prefer to buy and keep your crate we can arrange for suitable quotes. Once your new family member has arrived safe and sound we would ask that you send us a email with your contact information so we can arrange the collection of the travelling crate. The crate needs to be flat packed and placed into a cardboard box. Parcel Force will collect the crate and deliver it to R.R.S warehouse.

Home Check:            The fee is for administration and staff costs

Donation:                 The basic encoring costs for every rescue dog is €2.00 per day so you can imagine with 150 dogs at any point the Shelter costs are big. So we ask for a minimum donation to help the shelter with our forever ongoing costs to keep our rescue and shelter dogs save till a (Forever Home) can be found.